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Vitalzym Xe (180 Liquid Capsules)

VitalzymXe is the new and improved systemic enzyme formula of VitalzymX. The all natural protective enteric coating prevents the enzymes from being destroyed by the stomach acids. This allows 100% of the enzyme contents to be available for absorption into the bloodstream. VitalzymXe’s enteric coated soft gel technology ensures higher potency and purity, optimal disbursement of enzyme activity and greater consumer compliance.  With no activity loss, VitalzymXe requires a minimal dosage for maximum benefit. VitalzymXe is twice the strength of the new and improved liquid filled formula of Vitalzym available through retailers that is available in a 180ct and 360ct bottle.


VitalzymXe is available in a 180 count box (18 blister packs of 10 soft gel capsules) and is distributed exclusively through healthcare practitioners such as

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Vitalzym Xe (180 Liquid Capsules)
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